This Is Yoga NJ

Full Moon Restorative Yoga - May
with Amanda Truppo

May 23 (Thursday)
at 7:15 pm

Class length
75 minutes

This Is Yoga NJ 1409 NW Central Ave. Seaside Park NJ 08752

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of our May Full Moon Restorative Yoga Class. Relax deeply as you surrender to gentle postures, calming breathwork, and the soothing atmosphere of tranquil music. Join us in harnessing the transformative energy of the Full Moon to restore balance and cultivate inner peace within body, mind, and spirit.
You will be offered a plethora of props to relax you into each posture. Including blankets, bolsters, blocks, eye pillows & straps. This class will include 5 to 7 postures that will be held for a period of a few minutes, allowing you to offer your body & mind full relaxation. Practice may also include meditations or readings throughout the class. All poses will be either seated or lying down.

Bring Your Favorite Crystals!


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